Meet the Freshmen of the 133rd General Assembly: Adam Holmes

Quick Bio

Party: Republican
Business executive
Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy; master’s in global business leadership from the University of San Diego
Path to General Assembly: 
Appointed to fill the vacancy left by Brian Hill, who was appointed to the Senate
Marital status: 

Religion: Christian
July 31, 1967

For Rep. Adam Holmes (R-Nashport), representing the 97th House District in the General Assembly is yet another chance to demonstrate his passion for the U.S. and the American people.

“I love America, and this opportunity came up to continue to serve -- it's super rewarding. I’ve spent so much of my life supporting and defending America so the opportunity to keep going is so awesome. I think there are a lot of ways to help, specifically in our district, but all over Ohio,” said Holmes, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, during an interview with Hannah News.

“I was in the Pentagon on 9/11. That’ll define your purpose,” Holmes said. “If you ever wanted a sense of purpose and whether or not what you’re doing had validity, it’d be that. The rest of my career was defending America in that way. But part of it was -- it also showed me how much I love America, and Americans and the fundamental decency and goodness of our country. It certainly validated my faith in America and the American process. I get all choked up when I say the Pledge of Allegiance because a lot of good young men and women sacrificed everything for this process. You want it to have integrity, and it does.”

Holmes said his role as a public member of the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee (OAATC) helped lead to this current opportunity, noting he was encouraged to apply for the open seat after it was vacated by Brian Hill. Holmes is now a legislative member of OAATC.

He said it’s been an “honor” to serve on the OAATC, adding that his participation helped pique his interest in state government.

“The Ohio quarter has Neil Armstrong on the back and the Wright Brothers. We call ourselves the ‘Birthplace of Aviation,’” Holmes said. “It was such a fundamental part of our economy and we can be that again. We have all the academic and manufacturing base to reenergize us, and hugely powerful people in our college system and business base. So getting organized and unified as a state to return to being the number one aviation and aerospace entity in the U.S. -- it’s all there.”

Holmes said he’s been working with a number of public and private entities regarding aerospace issues, noting COSI will be an important partner to help spark an interest in children in the emerging industry. He predicts the drone industry will continue to grow in Ohio and the U.S., praising Gov. Mike DeWine for having that vision by creating a new cabinet-level position on aerospace and defense. Retired Col. Joseph Zeis was appointed to that position earlier this year. (See The Hannah Report, 2/6/19.)

“The next step is drones that carry humans -- passenger drones. There are Ohio companies that already have prototypes, and that’s exciting. That’s what I think we will see in the future. It’s inevitable, but it’s certainly a race. There’s a lot of competiveness in the U.S. on that,” Holmes said. “I think the governor saw it, because he named an aviation director. That’s really key. That is a great move. … That’s such a great business developer for every part of our state -- certainly Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus -- but also rural areas and the second- and third-tier manufacturers. I’m excited about that.”

He said aviation industry development can be an “answer for so many challenges that Ohio has,” noting he hopes to make a difference on these issues not only with his service on OAATC, but also with his service on the House Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee, House Economic and Workforce Development Committee and House Higher Education Committee.

Holmes said he also plans to focus on addressing the opioid epidemic during his time in office.

“[Opioids] corrode any endeavor we are trying to do to help Ohioans. We have to solve that right away. It’s a threat to any good idea that we have coming for the state,” Holmes said, noting as CEO of Frueh Enterprises, he often has trouble finding employees who are not using drugs. “Parts of my family have succumbed to addiction. I think it’s about -- certainly we care about treating those who are already addicts in recovery -- but it’s about preventing anybody else from getting caught. So it’s working with law enforcement and the state government to come up with effective prevention policies.”

Holmes said serving in the U.S. Marine Corps has given him experience and knowledge regarding how to address the opioid epidemic and other issues, noting it’s important for government to help define standards and provide opportunities.

“Success in the Marine Corps was defined on your character, work ethic, servant leadership and decision-making,” said Holmes, who served for 31 years. “I was a pretty senior Marine when I left, and those traits were really honed into me and I apply those every day here. I’m trying to be a steward and servant to the American people.”

During his time in the military, Holmes worked under retired U.S. Army General David Petraeus and served in the Pentagon from 2001-2004, dealing with budgets and other executive-level issues. Additionally, being a business executive has shown him firsthand the importance of government's creating an environment where private enterprises can succeed, he said.

“Being able to have the military background, plus this business sensibility has really helped inform me on building law and legislation that supports that kind of economy,” Holmes said. “My business has absolutely exploded over the past two years due to policies that have been put in place federally to support businesses and industry in the Midwest. I have been on the front row of seeing the tangible impacts of that. We have paid it forward. We’ve hired more employees. We’ve invested in the community. I am seeing how that process works. It’s been amazing. …

“I’m a big fan as I’m watching America go. I’m watching it -- I’m right here. It’s just great. It gives me much hope. I’m very enthusiastic and hopeful for Ohio.”

Story originally published in The Hannah Report on July 1, 2019.  Copyright 2019 Hannah News Service, Inc.